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​We offer American Heart Association (AHA)

BLS Certification 

Heartsaver Course Completion 

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BLS for health-care providers

  • dentists              

  • acupuncturists                 

  • respiratory therapists    

  • medical assistants       

  • nursing students

  • nurses

  • physician assistants

  • surgical technicians

  • mental health therapists

  • speech pathologists

  • medical students

  • ems personnel

  • others that may not be listed here


Heartsaver CPR , First Aid and AED
Empower your team with life-saving skills!
This Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED training course
is designed for anyone with little or no medical training
who needs first aid and/or CPR training and a course
completion card for job, regulatory (e.g., OSHA), or other requirements.
This course is also for anyone who wants to be prepared
to act in an emergency. 

Payment Options

We offer convenient payment methods. Choose from the following options:​
  1. PayPal: After registering for the course, for added flexibility and security, you can use PayPal to complete your purchase. Simply scan the QR Code to checkout to authorize the transaction.

  2. Cash.  Pay onsite on the day of class. Please have exact payment. 

  3. Check / Money Order to: The Art of CPR

    Credit Card payment option coming soon!

    If you have any questions or need assistance with payments, feel free to contact us at; 925.838.3188 or

PayPalQR code below
IIf you do not currently have a 2020 Handbook, please Scan the QR code below to pay for the course.  Please remember to register for the course. 


Do you offer skills only options for individuals who have completed an online course?
A: Yes.  Please call our office to schedule your skills only

Do offer CPR training for Spanish speakers? 
A: Yes, We will be offering Spanish CPR on the last Sunday of each month starting in August 2024. 

How often do you offer Heartsaver courses? 
A: We offer Heartsaver ( CPR, AED, First Aid) and (CPR, AED) courses upon requests.  Please call our office to schedule one
for your group. 


How can one book a training?: 
A: You can conveniently book your AHA CPR training session online through: The Art of CPR website


Where will the trainings be offered? : 
A:  The trainings are held at 913 San Ramon Valley Blvd. Ste. 280.  We also offer offsite training if you prefer this option. 

Does the certification require renewal? :
A: CPR certification is renewed every two years to ensure your skills are up-to-date and effective. 

Who is CPR for?:
A: The training is open to all healthcare practitioners, educators, foster parents, fitness trainers, daycare providers, lifeguards, restaurants, families and the general public.  Essentially, for everyone!

Are there weekend and evening trainings? : 
A: Weekend and evenings training sessions are available to accommodate working professionals.

Does this class qualify for CEU's

A: This class may not be used toward CEU's

When are Heartsaver courses offered? 

A: Heartsaver courses are offered as needed.  Please email us at: to schedule your Heartsaver training course. 

Will training with the mannequins take place on a table or on the floor? 

A: We will work on the floor with the support of knee pads.  If you need accommodations, please let us know in advance. 

CPR Training Testimonials

Image by Michel E

I had an amazing class with The Art of CPR. It was fun, knowledgeable and we got to practice a lot while learning each technique. Monica was the perfect instructor. I was nervous at first, but she put me right at ease and by the end of the class I was confident while taking my test. I now have the knowledge and feel comfortable with providing CPR in an emergency. I highly recommend this class! 

Keith Myers

I attended Monica's CPR class with a small group. It was informative and fun. Monica's teaching style is great! She made sure I was comfortable with the techniques to provide effective CPR. After her class I feel confident in my ability to administer CPR. I highly recommend everyone take Monica's CPR class!  

coming soon

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Our presentations are meticulously crafted to engage and inform the community. 

Our presentations are designed to resonate with both large groups and intimate gatherings alike.

Our goal is empower and make our presentations interactive, dynamic, memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. 

The CPR presentation was both entertaining and funny. As a previously certified CPR instructor, there was curiosity about how this topic would be made interesting. The videos were awesome and everyone laughed. "Staying Alive" is a wonderful catch tune that people will remember if they ever need to perform CPR. Thank you for reminding everyone how easy it can be to help save a life. Hopefully, this will motivate others to get CPR certified. 


Pete Larson, The Lawn Doctor, RMA Danville, June 2024

913 San Ramon Valley Blvd. tSte. 280 Danville, CA 94526

Tel: 925.- 838.- 3188


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